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Box'd Tidying App in a User's Hand

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UX Researcher | UX Designer


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Problem Statement


I wanted to determine if there is a need for a mobile app that will offer busy individuals the resources, encouragment, and accountability they feel they currently lack where it pertains to keeping their belongings organized and tidy.

As part of my General Assembly course project, I surveyed 30 people and interviewed 6 renters/homeowners to determine core user needs.

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Key Focus Areas

  • How much the tidying process do individuals want to keep track of?
  • What are the needs of the busy individual who wants to organize their homes and their lives?
  • What kind of help do individuals need on their organizational/tidying journey?
  • How can these busy individuals keep themselves accountable on their tidying journey (with the help of this app)?

Core User Needs

It was important to me that I have a user-obsessed focus, so that every design choice was right for the user.

Finding What's Right For Me

Since there aren't any current direct competitors, individuals need a portable, easy-to-use product that will keep them engaged and accountable on their tidying/organization journey.

Stigma: Tidying vs. Organizing vs. Cleaning vs. ...

Almost everyone wants to stay organized, but users expressed discouragement in their abilities to keep their homes tidy. Whether their desired term is "organized", "purging", "tidying", users felt pressure from their lack of time, energy, and resources for the actual act. Having an interactive game-like accountability takes off the pressure and actually provides the resources for whatever tidying method they choose to follow, or any combination thereof.

Is it Worth the Physical Space?

Users have limited space in their lives; in their physical homes and digitally. Even single-family homes that have more square footage expressed that although they have more space than when they were in apartments, they also have more belongings than they did previously. They feel they have no space for storage, nor a way to keep track of everything.

Is it Worth the Digital Space?

Since users are picky about their digital storage, it's doubly important to provide a mobile solution that will provide users the assistance in how to stay organized that is efficient, easy-to-use, portable, and, overall, offers an enjoyable experience.

Research & Discovery

Initially, I wanted to provide a fully functional tidying progress tracker, however, I ran into time limitations that showed me the importance of focusing on a Minimum Viable Product.

Research Methods

  • User Interviews
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Ideation & Storyboarding
  • Persona
  • Prototype Testing

Following my user interviews, I synthesized my findings and found trends in user responses in an affinity map.

Box'd User Interviews Compiled into Trends

Using the affinity map, I created a user Persona which became the foundation to move into ideation and prioritization for the main feature in a Minimum Viable Product, and for future potential features.

Box'd User Interviews Compiled into Trends


Once I felt I had enough user feedback, I could focus on sketching some paper prototypes of designs that would address user needs and desires. After usability testing those with the same users to ensure I was on track with their expectations, I upgraded the fidelity of the designs.

The images below show the hi-fidelity clickable prototypes I created after about two usability testing and redesign iterations.

Box'd User Interviews Compiled into Trends

Box'd Hi Fi Prototypes

Box'd Hi Fi Prototypes


I really enjoyed working on this project, and hope to continue working on adding more of the full feature functionality that users seem to need.

I look forward to adding more features as time allows, and perhaps even developing the solution with my Mobile App Development abilities.

Paper Prototype for Future Feature

Progress Tracking (Game-Like) for the Tidying Process

Box'd Paper Prototype of Future Feature