Lizz Premer

I am currently seeking a UX Research or UX Designer role. I also have experience in UI/Frontend Development.

About Me

Intuitive design specialist; I seek to be the voice of the user. Meticulous web designer with over a year of user experience and interaction design, a passion for user research, and over 2 years of front end experience. Redesigned and implemented new responsive website which led to 300% more traffic.

I enjoy hiking, building 3D cakes (cakes made to look like non-cake objects), long walks (backpacking style!), playin' D&D with mah boys, and am a Classically-trained Coloratura Soprano. I love striving for efficiency, even in my everyday life. And I love learning, so I'm frequently traveling to conferences (when able), and doing online classes.

My Favourite Things

Food: Tri-Tip

Activity: Hiking

Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Drink of Choice: White Russian, Scotch, or Cranberry Sparkling Water

Books/Series: Fear the Sky Trilogy, Name of the Wind Trilogy, Unsouled Saga, Red Rising Saga, The Passage Trilogy